About Us

What is Breakout Bros.com? We are a link between electronics design and hobbyists. A place where anyone can learn about  micro controllers, sensors, motors, LED’s, and more. And we won’t just tell you which ones to buy, we’ll teach you how to use them.

If someone wants to experiment with a new Integrated Circuit (IC) they will often purchase it on a Breakout Board.  A Breakout Board is a custom Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designed to make that one IC easier to use. They are great for prototyping because they give Surface Mounted components headers and contain a silkscreen that labels pins and other important information. Professionals and hobbyist both use Breakout Boards because they are often the easiest way to gain experience with a new product.

Here at Breakout Bros we want to make it simple for anyone interested in electronics to make their ideas happen. Using the Breakout Board as model we want to remove the obstacles keeping people from designing and building electronics. By reading our reviews and tutorials you will be able to design, build, and  program things like robots and home automation systems. Our projects should help inspire you to build your own devices and we are here if you have any questions along the way.

Welcome to Breakout Bros.