Send Notifications from a Raspberry Pi to your Phone Using Pushover

In my last post I put together a Raspberry Pi project that would display whether a dryer is running on a webpage hosted on the Pi. If you haven't read that article yet you can check it out here. If you haven't read the article yet the gist of it is that it used a vibration sensor to tell whether a clothes dryer was running and to display the status on a website hosted on the Pi. That was nice but it had some disadvantages, mainly that you could only check on your dryer while on your home ...

Elegoo UNO R3 Smart Robot Car Project Kit Review

Here at BreakoutBros we think robots are pretty cool. From industrial packaging equipment to self driving cars robots are changing the world around us. But even designers of the most advanced robots had to start somewhere. Luckily there have been some advances in technology and teaching methods that allow anyone to start playing with robots. We want as many people as possible to experience the joy (and sometimes frustration) of building and programming robots. However getting started in robo...

Best Arduino Starter Kit

Elegoo Arduino Uno
So you want to get started in Arduino development but you aren't sure what to buy. We think that someone getting into the hobby should buy more than the just the board and USB cable. Without things to do, just writing code will be pretty boring. We want to help you determine the best kit for you based on your budget and learning goals. Keep in mind that you could purchase all of these things separately but that would take a lot of time and still cost more than a kit. Speaking of cost, we will no...


Kookye Arduino Basic Learning Kit
Today we are reviewing the Kookye Arduino Basic Learning Kit. Kookye is a lesser known hobby electronics supplier that mostly sells on Amazon. They often combine listings for several items as different options like this Raspberry Pi IoT kit that also happens to be a Raspberry pi and a case. Don't let this deter you because the Kooke products we've tried are great. When looking at starter kits, Kookye really has quality packaging down. The finish on this kit is fantastic. From the 2 layer ...

Beginners: Start Here

Welcome to Breakout Bros. We strive to be the best source for hobby electronics. In order for you to learn the most from us we need to figure out how much you already know and what you want to learn. If you want to know more about our philosophy check out our About us page. If you don't know what a micro-controller is, or what it does please check out our article on [The Arduino Revolution] If you do know what an Arduino is but you don't have one yet, we recommend getting a starter kit.  W...

Elegoo Uno R3 Complete Starter Kit Review

Elegoo Complete Arduino Uno Kit
This is a review of the Elegoo Uno R3 Complete Starter Kit. First if you don't know, Elegoo is a Chinese supplier of Arduino and other electronics hobby parts on Amazon. They have a website that is perpetually under-construction but they are very responsive on Amazon and by email service(at)   Wow, this kit is stuffed full! What quickly jumps out is the fact that most of the parts we'd recommend for someone wanting to get into electronics are already here. (more&hel...