The Arduino Revolution

The Arduino has quickly become the hobbyist's solution to any electronic problem. If anyone has been in the hobbyist sector of the internet they have heard of the Arduino. It's has become the one stop solution to programming and bringing projects to life. As more and more people get into this hobby the old way is quickly becoming a saga that within the next decade only senior hobbyist will remember. But what was this old way? Why is the Arduino such a big advancement for electronics hobbyists? ...

BreakoutBros Halloween Special: Remote Control Jack-o-Lantern

We wanted to get into the Halloween spirit at BreakoutBros but we are super busy writing reviews, tutorials, and decorating our houses. While I was testing parts to review the Arduino Shield I realized I was just a few spliced wires and a relay away from something fun. So I combined that shield, the Arduino Light Control Tutorial, a ceramic Jack-o-Lantern, and some wire. The pumpkin I used already had a male plug, so I decided to make a relay controlled outlet. This ...

Best Arduino Starter Kit

Elegoo Arduino Uno
So you want to get started in Arduino development but you aren't sure what to buy. We think that someone getting into the hobby should buy more than the just the board and USB cable. Without things to do, just writing code will be pretty boring. We want to help you determine the best kit for you based on your budget and learning goals. Keep in mind that you could purchase all of these things separately but that would take a lot of time and still cost more than a kit. Speaking of cost, we will no...

Monthly Giveaway : We want your help!

DFRobot Protoboard
Here at BreakoutBros, we want to inspire others to build projects. One way we're doing that is by building our own projects and then giving them away.  By sharing the design decisions and construction details we will show you what it takes to build your own inventions. We want you to help us choose our first project. Tell us what you want to learn how to make and be sure to subscribe so you can win. We would love to hear your feedback; take the poll below so we can get started on the first pr...