YourDuino Arduino Robot Kit Review

  Over the last few weeks we have been looking at different Arduino based robot car kits. First we looked at the Elegoo Smart Car Robot Kit and then Pololu's Zumo 32U4. Both of these robot car kits are feature packed and either would be a great way to learn robot controls and theory with the comfort of the Arduino platform. But one thing both of these kits lack is easy expandability.  The Elegoo kit is easy to put together but the custom Arduino Shield that makes everything so easy i...

Review of Pixy CMUcam5: the Vision System for Arduino

Pixy (CMUcam5) the camera with Image Processing on Board. One of the drawbacks of the Arduino as a robot controller is the lack of processing power capable of a robot vision system. The CMUcam5 Pixy, by Charmed Labs, is aimed at fixing that. Pixy started on Kickstarter but is now available at places like Amazon. By including a dedicated image processor on the same PCB as the camera, the Pixy only sends the information you want to your Arduino.  And it does this at a frame rate of 50 Hz.  ...

Elegoo 37 Sensor Kit Review

There seems to be a race on Amazon as to who can get the most sensors into a kit. Previously we looked at Kookye's 16 Sensor Kit and really liked what they offered. Today we are looking at Elegoo's 37 in 1 Sensor Kit. Now it's not quite fair to say this kit is 21 better than the other kit because its goal is very different. While they do share some of the same sensors, the Kookye kit is designed to introduce the user to sensors that could be used in IoT situations, Elegoo's 37 sensor kit aim...

YourDuino Makerspace Workshop: Arduino Engineering Kit

YourDuino RoboRED Makerspace kit Arduino Starter kit
This is a kit that is truely unique from all of the other ones we've looked at here at Breakout Bros. Instead of using a standard Arduino Uno clone, Yourduino has developed their own board- the RoboRED. You can read all about the diffrences between it and the Uno in our review of the RoboRED. The Makerspace Kit helps you take full advantage of that board's main feature- a three prong male header on every I/O pin. YourDuino does this by including four 3 wire female-female cables and a 40 wire...

YourDuino RoboRED

Arduino compatible YourDuino RoboRED
We love open source hardware. The free use of the Arduino platform has allowed for all sorts of affordable clones to hit the market. Even better than offering an affordable clone, though, is the ability to improve upon the original design. This is what the team at YourDuino has done with their RoboRED Arduino Uno compatible board. This thing has the same dimensions, pin-out, and even programs just like the original UNO. Your shields will fit, your sketches will load, and you can use the fema...

Tutorial for making an RFID badge scanner with LCD

RFID and LCD Tutorial
Today we will be delving into some of the parts we received from the Elegoo Uno R3 Starter Kit. Specifically the RFID RC522 module and the 1602A LCD. If you aren't familiar with RFID it stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It is a way to read information wirelessly. The benefit is that the RFID ID cards are cheap, and don't require being powered, the RFID transceiver powers it using an electromagnetic field. This is the same technology used for many badges and ID cards that are scanned. Re...