Web Enabled Dryer Monitor for the Raspberry Pi

I was lying in bed sick over the weekend, contentedly watching old Firefly episodes, when something horrible happened. I remembered that I had a load of clothes in the dryer and I was going to have to get up, walk across my apartment like a caveman and use my own eyeballs to check if the dryer was done. After that ordeal I vowed to come up with a way to make sure I never had to go through that again. Fortunately Kookye recently sent us their Raspberry Pi IoT Starter Kit which has all sorts of ea...

Elegoo 37 Sensor Kit Review

There seems to be a race on Amazon as to who can get the most sensors into a kit. Previously we looked at Kookye's 16 Sensor Kit and really liked what they offered. Today we are looking at Elegoo's 37 in 1 Sensor Kit. Now it's not quite fair to say this kit is 21 better than the other kit because its goal is very different. While they do share some of the same sensors, the Kookye kit is designed to introduce the user to sensors that could be used in IoT situations, Elegoo's 37 sensor kit aim...

Do it yourself Motion Lamp

Motion Detect Light Bulb Lamp
For this tutorial our goal is to make a motion detect lamp. The lamp will turn on for a set amount of time if it sees any activity near it's motion detector. This tutorial is an expansion on our tutorial for controlling a light with an arduino using a relay. You should start with it before coming to this tutorial. It will make sure the relay and light fixture are working correctly. Everything needed to follow along with this tutorial can be found in the elegoo uno starter kit. You can get ...

YourDuino Makerspace Workshop: Arduino Engineering Kit

YourDuino RoboRED Makerspace kit Arduino Starter kit
This is a kit that is truely unique from all of the other ones we've looked at here at Breakout Bros. Instead of using a standard Arduino Uno clone, Yourduino has developed their own board- the RoboRED. You can read all about the diffrences between it and the Uno in our review of the RoboRED. The Makerspace Kit helps you take full advantage of that board's main feature- a three prong male header on every I/O pin. YourDuino does this by including four 3 wire female-female cables and a 40 wire...