BreakoutBros Halloween Day Special: Stranger Things Board Tutorial

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Happy Halloween! Today we are in the Halloween spirit and will be going over a tutorial to make a Stranger Things "HELP ME" Board. Parts you will need: Arduino or equivalent LEDs Cardboard or chipboard 9V Battery Wire Sharpie Electrical Tape The Elegoo Uno R3 Complete Starter kit turned out great for this as it includes 4 different LED colors. Luckily I also had some other color LEDs lying around so I could add more variety t...

Connect PocketCHIP to Arduino Part 1: Serial via USB

I am a huge fan of my PocketCHIP- the handheld adapter for CHIP from NTC. However one of the Chips limitations as a hobby electronics medium is the difficulty of getting started in (what is to many) an unfamiliar controls atmosphere. Until there are more guides on how to use GPIO on CHIP we feel the fastest and easiest way to get started is to use the system one already knows. To get people started quickly we plan to show you how CHIP can be paired with the most common hobby micro-controller, th...