BreakoutBros Halloween Day Special: Stranger Things Board Tutorial

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Happy Halloween! Today we are in the Halloween spirit and will be going over a tutorial to make a Stranger Things "HELP ME" Board. Parts you will need: Arduino or equivalent LEDs Cardboard or chipboard 9V Battery Wire Sharpie Electrical Tape The Elegoo Uno R3 Complete Starter kit turned out great for this as it includes 4 different LED colors. Luckily I also had some other color LEDs lying around so I could add more variety t...

BreakoutBros Halloween Special: Remote Control Jack-o-Lantern

We wanted to get into the Halloween spirit at BreakoutBros but we are super busy writing reviews, tutorials, and decorating our houses. While I was testing parts to review the Arduino Shield I realized I was just a few spliced wires and a relay away from something fun. So I combined that shield, the Arduino Light Control Tutorial, a ceramic Jack-o-Lantern, and some wire. The pumpkin I used already had a male plug, so I decided to make a relay controlled outlet. This ...