Do it yourself Motion Lamp

Motion Detect Light Bulb Lamp
For this tutorial our goal is to make a motion detect lamp. The lamp will turn on for a set amount of time if it sees any activity near it's motion detector. This tutorial is an expansion on our tutorial for controlling a light with an arduino using a relay. You should start with it before coming to this tutorial. It will make sure the relay and light fixture are working correctly. Everything needed to follow along with this tutorial can be found in the elegoo uno starter kit. You can get ...

Tutorial for Controlling your lights with Arduino and a Relay

A relay is an electro-mechanical device that uses an electromagnetic field to close a switch. The benefit of a relay is that it is isolated from the circuit that is being switched. This provides a safer isolation for your circuit and makes the design of the circuit very simple. The one downfall of the relay is that they will wear out more quickly than other switching devices such a triacs or IGBTs. They are also generally more expensive for the comparable application using the other devices. We ...

Elegoo Uno R3 Complete Starter Kit Review

Elegoo Complete Arduino Uno Kit
This is a review of the Elegoo Uno R3 Complete Starter Kit. First if you don't know, Elegoo is a Chinese supplier of Arduino and other electronics hobby parts on Amazon. They have a website that is perpetually under-construction but they are very responsive on Amazon and by email service(at)   Wow, this kit is stuffed full! What quickly jumps out is the fact that most of the parts we'd recommend for someone wanting to get into electronics are already here. (more&hel...