YourDuino Arduino Robot Kit Review

  Over the last few weeks we have been looking at different Arduino based robot car kits. First we looked at the Elegoo Smart Car Robot Kit and then Pololu's Zumo 32U4. Both of these robot car kits are feature packed and either would be a great way to learn robot controls and theory with the comfort of the Arduino platform. But one thing both of these kits lack is easy expandability.  The Elegoo kit is easy to put together but the custom Arduino Shield that makes everything so easy i...

Control Arduino Over Wifi Using IoT Device – Photon

Arduino Particle Control Wifi
  Last week we looked into using the Particle Photon to connect to our RFID badge and LCD system using an Arduino to control an IoT device. But what about the other way around? This article we will discuss using an IoT device to control an Arduino. Level Shifters To do this we will be expanding on the 5V to 3.3V level shifter we made in the Photon RFID article and also create a 3.3v to 5.5V level shifter. Instead of using the Digital I/O pins and sending pin state data we will ...

Web Enabled Dryer Monitor for the Raspberry Pi

I was lying in bed sick over the weekend, contentedly watching old Firefly episodes, when something horrible happened. I remembered that I had a load of clothes in the dryer and I was going to have to get up, walk across my apartment like a caveman and use my own eyeballs to check if the dryer was done. After that ordeal I vowed to come up with a way to make sure I never had to go through that again. Fortunately Kookye recently sent us their Raspberry Pi IoT Starter Kit which has all sorts of ea...

Turning your Ardunio Project into an IoT device using Particle Photon

After reviewing the Particle Photon, I wanted to go back to one of our tutorials and add some IoT (Internet of Things) functionality using the Photon. In this tutorial I'll walk through how to have the Particle Photon email you by adding this capability to our RFID Badge Scanner with LCD tutorial. If you have not seen the RFID Badge Scanner with LCD tutorial, the first thing you will need to do is visit this article and get setup...

Review: Getting Started with the Particle Photon

Particle, Photon, Arduino, Review, IoT
Today we will be reviewing the Particle Photon. Particle introduced the Spark Core on Kickstarter in 2013 as an internet enabled micro controller that you could program over wifi. Since then they have moved to general production with the Photon. On the surface the Photon is like an Arduino integrated with a Wifi module. This allows the device to interface with the Internet of Things(IoT). It also has some pretty cool features that might make your next project simpler. Follow along as we open...

Tutorial Arduino Mini Laser Turret Control

In this tutorial we will be making a "Laser Turret" using a joystick control. The joystick will move the laser on a turret and it will be able to turn the laser up and down while turning on or off the laser. Don't worry, the laser is just for show; we won't be harming anyone with this tutorial. We got the inspiration to create this Laser Turret when we were combining parts from the  Elegoo Uno R3 Starter Kit* and the 37 in 1 Elegoo Sensor Kit. We wanted to create something with a joystick con...

Connect PocketCHIP to Arduino Part 2: Bluetooth

Part 2 of our 4 part Arduino PocketCHIP connection special. Previously we looked at how to connect and program an Arduino with the PocketCHIP over a serial USB connection. Today the goal is to  connect a PocketCHIP to an Arduino using a HC-05 Bluetooth module. Bluetooth communication through a HC-05 Bluetooth module. The HC-05 is a Bluetooth module that can communicate with an Arduino over a Serial connection. It can be used as a Master or a Slave module. To get the HC-05 configured we ...

Do it yourself Motion Lamp

Motion Detect Light Bulb Lamp
For this tutorial our goal is to make a motion detect lamp. The lamp will turn on for a set amount of time if it sees any activity near it's motion detector. This tutorial is an expansion on our tutorial for controlling a light with an arduino using a relay. You should start with it before coming to this tutorial. It will make sure the relay and light fixture are working correctly. Everything needed to follow along with this tutorial can be found in the elegoo uno starter kit. You can get ...

Tutorial for Controlling your lights with Arduino and a Relay

A relay is an electro-mechanical device that uses an electromagnetic field to close a switch. The benefit of a relay is that it is isolated from the circuit that is being switched. This provides a safer isolation for your circuit and makes the design of the circuit very simple. The one downfall of the relay is that they will wear out more quickly than other switching devices such a triacs or IGBTs. They are also generally more expensive for the comparable application using the other devices. We ...