Monthly Giveaway : We want your help!

Here at BreakoutBros, we want to inspire others to build projects. One way we’re doing that is by building our own projects and then giving them away.  By sharing the design decisions and construction details we will show you what it takes to build your own inventions. We want you to help us choose our first project. Tell us what you want to learn how to make and be sure to subscribe so you can win.

We would love to hear your feedback; take the poll below so we can get started on the first project!

Project Ideas

Clap Bot: A friend that will clap back with a buzzer in the pattern you clap at it.
Weather Station: A weather tracking tool with real time data like temperature, humidity, and pressure.
Line Follower Robot: See the BreakoutBros take on an old classic, with a surprise twist.
Touch Box: You touch it, it does something- We aren’t exactly sure yet either.

What project do you want BreakoutBros to complete first?

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We appreciate your feedback! Thanks!

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5 thoughts on “Monthly Giveaway : We want your help!

  1. Bob S. says:

    Would the Clap Bot be able to clap when my dog barks?

    1. Josh says:

      Of course it can! You’re dog will love it. Or hate it, depending on it’s personality.

  2. Bob S. says:

    Oh it would drive him crazy, but I would love it.

  3. Larry Gold says:

    Since so many electronic devices are controlled via Infrared remotes and receivers, I would love to see some examples of RF (Radio Frequency) projects that can be incorporated into everyday 110-120VAC home use such as portable fans, ceiling fans, portable room heating devices, personal electronic projects I have made and the list goes on.

    I realize China has saturated the hobbyist market with cheap RF transmitters and receivers, but factually I am referring to a more suitable and practicable solution as far as the transmitter receiver are concerned.

    Thanks for listening.

    1. Josh says:

      Larry, thanks so much for reaching out. Actually we have something lined up that you may enjoy. First in the next few weeks we have a review coming for the RF Arduino Shield from Control Everything. We will also have some tutorials with these products. They are very easy to use and from what I’ve seen so far very good quality.

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